What Are Interior Designs Trending Currently?

interior designs in South Wales

This year has turned everyone’s life upside down. It has not only impacted the social scenario but personal matters as well. With such a significant shift in lifestyle, your bond with your home must have changed as well. As a result of the pandemic, interior designs in South Wales portray a very different story.

interior designs in South Wales

Here are some elements that are being adopted:

  • Calming natural elements: Anxiety and stress level spikes are expected during the extended periods of staying at home. To combat it, cool tones, plants, small waterfalls and other elements are being added. These help in calming you down and focusing on your health.
  • Workstation upgrades: Most people have decided to work from home owing to the pandemic. A separate home office is essential for doing well. Interior designers are being asked to design these spaces for maximum productivity. Bespoke desks, utility corners, special lighting and more are trending this year.
  • Special entertainment zones: You can’t work all day and not go out. With the risk being high outside, socialising can be done at home. People are transforming their homes into social spaces. A home bar addition, a backyard revamp or rooftop areas are being designed to entertain friends and family.

Interior Design Cardiff

A professional can help you in making your home better for the tough times. Experts like Wells and Maguire can control interior designs in South Wales. They will make sure to give you the best experience.

4 Qualities Of A Good Interior Designer In Cardiff

Interior design south wales
The easiest way you can enhance the visual appeal and functionality of your room is by hiring an interior designer. They will ensure that your home interiors become a reflection of your personality. You can even hire them for commercial properties and create a brand image for your business. Since the quality of your life is dependent on the interior design, make sure that you hire the right professional for your project.
Interior Design Cardiff

Top 4 Qualities To Look For In An Interior Designer In Cardiff

  • Knowledge About Various Styles

When you hire an interior designer who is capable of embracing diverse styles, you can stay assured that they can transform your vision of beautiful interiors into a reality. They should understand your expectations from the project and accordingly choose the right style and technique. They should treat your room as a blank canvas and incorporate a unique design.
  • Use Colour And Lighting

Good interior design is one which offers the perfect blend of colour and lighting. They should consider the colour palette before choosing one for the final design. Two primary elements which create the atmosphere of a space are colour and lighting. Accent lighting also adds visual interest.
  • Embrace New Technology

Top interior designs have embraced new technology. They use it with architectural applications which help them communicate their ideas to their clients with more clarity. Advanced technology is widely used by interior designers nowadays to design 3D walkthroughs.
Interior Design Cardiff

These being said, it’s time you visit Wells and Maguire and hire an interior designer who has all the qualities stated above.