Interior Designers Weybridge

Experienced and reliable interior designers in Weybridge always try to save you from making the most common mistakes of interior designing while working on your project. Whether you are decorating your home or office.

Interior Designers Weybridge

Know what are they and how you can avoid them.

  1. Lighting

    Relying on only overhead lighting is one such mistake. Always have layered-lighting to create interesting features within your room.

  2. Big or Small Furniture

    Buying over or undersized furniture for a particular room is another big mistake often made by the homeowners. You should never go shopping for furniture without proper measurements. Buying a large wooden dining table for your small dining room because it looks gorgeous will make the area look crowded.

  3. Rugs

    Investing in a rug that is the wrong size is another significant mistake. If you buy something too big, it will swallow up your room. If you buy a smaller rug, it will not serve your purpose. Take the advice from your interior designer while buying rugs to obtain something perfect for your room.

  4. All-White Walls

    Though this is a modern trend of interior designing, you need to be highly careful about getting it done correctly. It is advisable not to bare your walls with absolute white. You should ask your interior designer to add some dimension to your white walls to avoid that extra minimalist look.

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Mistakes are common in the interior designing industry. Your interior designer will help you to avoid such major mistakes and make your interior look appealing, unique and inviting.

At Wells and Maguire, we offer high-end interior designs for both individual clients and developers.

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