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Hiring an Interior Designer

Hiring an Interior Designer – Why you should work with Wells and Maguire

The process of starting a project or home renovation can be daunting. So can be the idea of working with an interior designer. We discuss some of the reasons why working with Wells and Maguire will benefit and streamline your interiors project:

1) Timing is key

Often on a project our services are thought of too late in the process. People tend to think that the time to bring in an interior designer is when the house or property is finished and ready for the ‘fluffy stuff’. This means when we start getting into the nitty gritty of a project it can often be too late to make vital changes to designs and layouts which architects, builders, contractors and clients have already made.

We like to be involved in a project from the very start, even before plans have been drawn so we can have input on all the key areas which are not necessarily thought of until later in the project. We make sure your space is not only functional and practical but that it is also a reflection of your style and taste.

Bespoke interior design | Wells and Maguire


2) Knowledge is power

The team at W&M are highly experienced in high end residential interior design and have a wealth of knowledge and experience to bring to the table.

Ranging from the latest design trends to interior do’s and dont’s, W&M can offer interior expertise to define and capture your own project style. Often scrolling on home accounts and image sites can be overwhelming and confusing but interior designers are trained professionals who are highly skilled at streamlining concepts and ideas to create beautiful and holistic spaces.

Wells and Maguire - Danielle and Emily


3) Streamlining and organisation

Team W&M have to be extremely well organised in order to ensure our projects run smoothly! Often on a project we will be dealing with countless suppliers, tradesman, contractors and architects whilst managing our clients expectations. On one project alone we could be procuring and ordering hundreds of items ranging from furniture and lighting all the way down to door handles and contrast piping on a headboard.

W&M would take all the pressure off and ensure all elements are streamlined and timely. Making the mistake of misjudging a key order could result in lengthy delays and frantic phone calls from the onsite team who are waiting on vital materials to arrive. Clients are able to enjoy the design process without the headache and stress!

Danielle & Emily Looking at Material Swatches - Wells and Maguire Interior Designers

4) The encyclopaedia of suppliers

it’s easy enough for any of us to use google these days or rake through endless images looking for that certain supplier or craftsman. Team W&M have worked in the interiors industry for over 10 years and have built up a bank of trusted suppliers, craftsman, furniture makers and industry specialists. We know which products and suppliers will work for your project and have access to a vast library of products, fabrics, accessories and finishes.


Interior Designer Looking At Room Plans - Wells and Maguire

5) Getting it right

W&M can point out and assess areas of a space or design that may not be working and suggest functional solutions to get the best out of a house or project. You only want to do it once and hiring an interior design professional will help you avoid costly mistakes. A fresh pair of eyes can often bring valuable insights or open up avenues of discussion you hadn’t thought of before.

Emily and Danielle Informal Chat - Wells and Maguire

6) Bespoke and custom designs

Sometimes the key piece isn’t available ‘off the shelf’ and the best solution is for a bespoke option. W&M have designed countless vanity units, walk in wardrobes, joinery units, cabinetry and bars. All commissioned to suit the client and project requirements. The sky’s the limit when it comes to bespoke items and at W&M we will design, draw and manage the whole process.

Danielle and Emily - Wells and Maguire

7) Unique and tailored interior design

Every project is unique to us at W&M and we start each new project with a fresh slate. Not one project is the same and each client is different to the next.

Want to work with us on your project? Get in touch with us at

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