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Have you spent hours with the colour swatches of various paint companies to decide which colour should be on your bedroom’s walls? Have you felt lost while determining the right colour for your living room? If yes, then you are on the right track. It is one of the most common confusing matters regarding interior design.

interior design Guildford

However, the colours of your rooms have a more significant impact on your mood and interior design than you think. This is why; you should discuss your preferences with your interior design expert in Guildford before finalising one colour.

· Red: It stimulates your thoughts, imaginations and makes your body feel the warmth. This colour also elevates your heart rate and brain wave to some extent. It can be a nice colour for the entertainment zone of your home where you wish to enjoy parties and social gatherings with your friends.

· Black: It is the symbol of sophistication and mystery. A dining room with grey colour floor tiles and zed black wall paint can create an exquisite sense of mystery and elegance.

· Yellow: Nothing can look happier and brighter than yellow wall paint. This can be a perfect colour for your childrens’ room or home office where you wish to enjoy some positive vibes.

· Blue: This colour is known for its relaxing vibes. A blue colour kitchen or bedroom can instantly change your mood and reduce your stress.

However, while deciding the right colour and its impact on your interior design, you should not forget that the colours of your curtains, linen, carpet and furniture are equally impactful and significant in deciding the mood of your interior.

Guildford Interior Design

At Wells and Maguire, we have vast knowledge about the proper use of colours in certain rooms to match the rich taste of our clients. Please get in touch with us to know in detail.

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