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Interior Design and Well-being

floral seating area with flower details on the green wallpaper and cushions sat atop a white sofa designed with well-being in mind

The Wells and Maguire team have always strived to promote well-being and mental health within our interiors, creating calming and happy environments for our clients.

We know the past few years have been tough and the impacts of the pandemic and the cost of living crisis have really affected everyone in different ways. Last year the Mental Health Foundation promoted how powerful the benefits of nature can have on all of us, which really resonated with us as a business going forward. Opening ourselves up to interact with nature is what is going to reduce the feelings of social isolation, therefore protecting our mental health, and promoting healthy well-being.

So how can you connect to nature within your interiors? And how can you make your home into a healthy living environment? Below we have some tips that can help create a home that will promote wellness and well-being.

Go Green

Adding in colours that promote nature can immediately boost the way you feel, whether this is adding green furniture or soft furnishings, or even just some plants and shrubs to bring the outdoors in.


Avoid Angry Colours

There are certain colours that are known to bring on stress and anxiety, these are usually bold reds and deep purples, avoid these colours in your home if you are looking to have a calm and balanced lifestyle. If you do like bright colours, opt for happier tones such as teals, sage’s, and siennas.

Let There be Light

Make use of the natural light, try not to block any windows or doors with heavy furniture. Opening up a window space can let in optimum light to absorb the natural vitamin D from the sunshine outside.

Open, fresh white room with cushioned bench next to open outward opening doors leading to large sunny garden
Garden room for private client in Norfolk, beautiful Eau De Nil tones looking out into the green grounds. Interior Design by Wells and Maguire. Photography by Paul Craig.

Happy Surroundings

Surround yourself with things you love, whether it’s a sturdy new paintbrush you use for art daily, an old musical instrument you haven’t even thought about for years, or even a collection of dusty old books you have had since you were young. These happy items trigger nostalgic memories which promote happy thoughts and a sense of comfort within your home.

Relaxing Flow

When designing an interior, the Wells and Maguire team like to create flow throughout the space. We want to avoid any overwhelming feelings for clients and want them to feel relaxed when walking from area to area. Be mindful of this when creating a calming home for yourself, try not to add too many contrasting colours and materials. The idea of flow is to let your mind float through your home, relaxed and calm, feeling happy in your own environment.

With the stresses and worries of what has happened in the world in the past couple of years along with the strains of everyday life, remember to take a moment and appreciate your surroundings. The little things in your home you may take for granted in everyday life, are usually the things that can give you the motivation to push through and enjoy your day. The sound of the birds outside your window, the slight breeze moving the curtains, the old dusty guitar in the corner of the room, embrace them all, and focus on being happy in your home.

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