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Interior Design: Do’s and Don’ts

Interior Design: Do’s and don’ts

Manor House Kitchen

With access to so much information, imagery and products it can be a minefield when it comes to starting a design. With over 10 years industry experience the team at W&M have put together their Interior Design do’s and don’ts along with a few tips they have learnt along the way.

  • Live in the space: it’s not always possible especially if you’re buying a new build property and you need to move in right away. More period or traditional properties can tend to require more renovation works than the newer build properties. We would always recommend taking your time – live in your space and work out what does and doesn’t function for you. What could be improved and how do you use the spaces? Every house and project is different and how we use the space can sometimes take time to grasp. Do not rush your project as you may end up making snap decisions which don’t work for you.

Manor House Corridor with terracotta flooring

  • Samples; always get samples of everything if you can! Wall finishes, paint colours, fabrics – everything needs to blend and work harmoniously together. Never assume it will be what you’re expecting from a photo or website, especially paint. Paint can look different in different areas of the room so make sure you paint a large enough swatch and keep viewing it over a few days – you will soon get an idea of what is and isn’t working in that room.

Fabric Swatches laid out on carpet

  • Over sized lighting: whilst chandeliers and pendants can create a stunning focal point in any space (we love them here at W&M) do not order anything without doing your research first. Checking the size, heights and diameters may work but consider the hanging chain or rod, the last thing you want is a chandelier sitting centimetres above your coffee table. Second, check the weight. We love a bit of crystal but sometimes these chandeliers are a hefty weight which standard ceilings will not take without reinforcement. Having a 80kg chandelier hanging over your head whilst your lying in bed in set to give anyone a sleepless night! The same goes for table lamps, large and over sized lamps work great in the right space but always check heights before you buy. At W&M we always produced scaled elevations of key lighting pieces to ensure they are appropriate for the space.

Manor House Living Room with mauve sofa

  • Measure your space: W&M will always produce furniture floor plans which are measured and scaled with furniture items, key pieces and bespoke joinery. It is an essential part of the process, not only to ensure your furniture fits but also vital in reviewing layout options with our clients. Before placing orders for any furniture pieces large or small always ensure they are going to fit and remember to measure hallways and stairs to ensure sofas and headboards will fit around tight areas.

Emily and Danielle with architectural services

  • Rugs: do use rugs to help zone your furniture and help break up large areas of floor. Removable and easy to clean, rugs are also a great way of adding extra texture and colour to space. Don’t be afraid to go large – ideally all the furniture should sit on top of the rug and in a bedroom you want to see the rug extent beyond the bed.

Sitting Room Design

  • Colour: don’t be afraid to inject colour and texture into your space. Scatter cushion’s, throws and artwork are a great way of adding pops of colour if you wanted to keep a neutral base. It could just be a subtle hint or a bold striking pop, colours are proven to affect our moods and using the right colours will help harmonise your space.

Modern design bed with navy side lamps

  • Fabrics: don’t use too much of the same fabric texture, it will make your space feel flat. Create layers to your scheme by using different types of fabrics, texture, colours and trimmings

Fabric Swatch test with Danielle and Emily

  • Patterned wall coverings; do use patterned wall coverings but don’t over do them on every wall. Patterned wall coverings are great in smaller areas such as WCs and can bring in an element of fun and excitement however overdone on every wall in large areas such as living rooms can make a room feel claustrophobic.

Grey sofa with patterned wall behind

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