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Rental Home: How to Create a Styled Look

Modern through kitchen with corner sofa decorated with charcoal cushion and throw with vivid green plant to the back.

Are you fed up with looking at the same four magnolia walls? Is your landlord refusing to let you paint them the perfect shade of blush? Look no further, we have some great tips on how to style your rented house or flat, to give it the extra touch it needs!


Adding some art to the walls is a great way to add colour, we love using framed prints as an affordable way to spruce up an area. If you’re feeling creative, why not stretch your artistic limbs and paint up a lovely canvas! Mirrors always add brightness to a space and can immediately make your home feel more open and inviting.

Tip: If you’re not allowed to screw into the walls, why not try the heavy-duty command strips, they work wonders and don’t leave any nasty holes that will leave your landlord seeing red.


Books and ornaments are a great shelf filler and can immediately transform a space. If your living room or bedroom is lacking in style, a freestanding shelving unit could be what is needed. A few vases, photo frames and candles can bulk out the shelving and give an inviting and homely look.


Ask your landlord if they are happy for you to paint the walls, many will allow it if you are willing to decorate yourselves and you don’t paint it something that is too bold or bright which may be hard to paint over in the future (reds and blacks are usually a no go!). You can create some lovely schemes with painting the walls, even a darker shade of neutral can transform a space.

Walls painted in Smoked Trout No.60 by Farrow and Ball. Interior Design by Wells and Maguire. Photography by Paul Craig.
Walls painted in Smoked Trout No.60 by Farrow and Ball. Interior Design by Wells and Maguire. Photography by Paul Craig.


Cushions in an array of blush fabrics for private client in Norfolk
Cushions in an array of blush fabrics for private client in Norfolk. Interior Design by Wells and Maguire. Photography by Paul Craig.

Whether you are working with an old hand-me-down sofa your great auntie gave to you, or you have a brand-new contemporary suite, cushions are the easiest and most cost-effective way of adding a styled look to your interior. Don’t be afraid to mix colours and textures, a mistake a lot of people make is buying multiple cushions in the same colours and textures, variety is better as it gives a lovely contrast to your interior.


Whether your current rental property is a steppingstone to purchasing your own home, or a long term forever rental, it is always good to have some sturdy investment pieces. Whilst affordable furniture does the job for a while, it is nice to include some furniture pieces that will travel with you wherever you move, and you won’t need to worry about upsetting your landlord with built in furniture. A simple sideboard or console table can transform a room; a place to put lighting and accessories and make your rental more homely.


There is nothing nicer than walking into a room full of fresh flowers, they brighten up the space and bring the outdoors in. If you (like most of us!) are not very good at keeping plants and flowers alive for very long, there are some great artificial displays out there. They last forever and look beautiful!

Tip: To make the faux flowers look even more realistic, add to a clear or frosted vase and fill with fresh water!


One thing about living in a rental is you don’t usually get to choose the flooring, there is a common misconception that you cannot use rugs over carpet. If the carpet is a generally flat pile then a rug on top of the carpet will look lovely, add warmth to the room and also add colour. Try adding a subtle pattern or ombre effect if you want to inject colour or, if you want a more rustic feel, a natural jute rug looks great for any interior.

Don’t get into a rut of living with someone else’s décor, just because you live in a rental, it doesn’t mean you cannot make it your own. We hope you can use these simple styling tips to make your house a home.



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