Give a Contemporary Look to Your Home with Wells and Maguire

interior designers Cardiff

Contemporary interior design is not just about sleekness and minimalism. There are many ways to experiment with a modern look for your home.

interior designers Cardiff

Here are some of the ways you can transform your home with Wells and Maguire interior designers.

Tips for Creating a Contemporary Home

1. The Walls

In a contemporary style, walls do not have to have paintings or walls decorations. Just having painted walls in beautiful shades like neutrals and light pastels with a hint of a darker colour. Incorporating a feature wall in a darker colour while painting everything else in whites and neutrals shades give the effect of a contemporary modern design.

2. Focus on Clean Lines

The lines in modern architecture prefer to be horizontal or vertical, but straight in both cases giving a clean and neat finish is the latest trend. However, occasional diversion is always welcome, for example, a spiral staircase within the living room.

3. Industrial Finish

Concrete or steel finish is very much a trend in contemporary décor. When well balanced with wood and fibre, it can give a complete look to your rooms.

4. Clutter-Free Spaces

‘Less is more’ is the signature mark of contemporary interior designs. Empty floors, plain walls, neutral designs in upholstery – all these are widely welcome as the modern style of décor.

5. Monochromes

Be it grey or muted blue or rose pink, monochromes have increased in popularity for interior décor.

When you are looking to transform your home’s interiors, you should hire an interior design firm that understands your needs and requirements. Wells and Maguire specialize in creating decors that are a reflection of class and elegance and the personality of the residents.

interior designers Cardiff

Choose Wells and Maguire if you wish to give your home the unique transformation to become the home of your dreams.