How Colours Affect Your Interior Design Ideas?

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Have you spent hours with the colour swatches of various paint companies to decide which colour should be on your bedroom’s walls? Have you felt lost while determining the right colour for your living room? If yes, then you are on the right track. It is one of the most common confusing matters regarding interior design.

interior design Guildford

However, the colours of your rooms have a more significant impact on your mood and interior design than you think. This is why; you should discuss your preferences with your interior design expert in Guildford before finalising one colour.

· Red: It stimulates your thoughts, imaginations and makes your body feel the warmth. This colour also elevates your heart rate and brain wave to some extent. It can be a nice colour for the entertainment zone of your home where you wish to enjoy parties and social gatherings with your friends.

· Black: It is the symbol of sophistication and mystery. A dining room with grey colour floor tiles and zed black wall paint can create an exquisite sense of mystery and elegance.

· Yellow: Nothing can look happier and brighter than yellow wall paint. This can be a perfect colour for your childrens’ room or home office where you wish to enjoy some positive vibes.

· Blue: This colour is known for its relaxing vibes. A blue colour kitchen or bedroom can instantly change your mood and reduce your stress.

However, while deciding the right colour and its impact on your interior design, you should not forget that the colours of your curtains, linen, carpet and furniture are equally impactful and significant in deciding the mood of your interior.

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At Wells and Maguire, we have vast knowledge about the proper use of colours in certain rooms to match the rich taste of our clients. Please get in touch with us to know in detail.

How to Transform Your Old Bathroom into a Luxurious One?

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The bathroom is not only an integral part of your house; it also defines your rich taste of aesthetics. So, you need to be careful while selecting the right interior design for your bathroom. The companies that provides interior design services can offer you plenty of solutions to meet your needs.

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If you wish to transform your old bathroom into a luxurious one, you must hire a company with vast experience and in-depth knowledge with creative excellence.

Elements that Need Your Attention

  • Change the bathroom tiles to get a refined look.
  • Choose modern, chic and smart tile design to improve the aesthetics.
  • Install smart lights to make the room look bright and energy-efficient.
  • Utilise the space wisely to get more foot space.
  • Use the mirrors strategically to make the room look larger.
  • Change the shape and size of cabinets for smart bathroom storage.

It is crucial to talk to your interior designer regarding your requirements before they start working on your project. From the floor to the cabinets – everything must be designed and installed, keeping your needs in mind.

How Can Experienced Interior Designers Help You?

  1. They prepare design drawings and renderings.
  2. These experts provide you with customised shower designs.
  3. They help you in choosing exclusive wall paints, flooring and tiles.
  4. The installation of cabinets and furnishing will be flawless.
  5. They help you in choosing stylish light fixtures.
  6. These experts will make the best of window fixtures.

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At Wells and Maguire, we consider the overall decor theme of your entire house and prepare your bathroom’s interior by designing a unique bathroom just for you to showcase all of your requirements. A new bespoke luxurious bathroom will add more value to your property. You can enjoy a bespoke bathroom for many years to come with the finest craftsmanship and designed by professional interior designers.

Please get in touch with us for more information.

Easily Corrected Interior Design Mistakes

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While working on home decoration or home improvement, mistakes are quite common. People often buy an oversized sofa or hang the light too low. These mistakes are common with DIY projects.

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Hanging Wall Paintings

One of the most common interior design mistakes happens with wall hangings and pictures. People make mistakes by choosing oversized or undersized pictures for their rooms. Some homeowners choose more than one small painting to hang on a small wall to fill up that space. Our experts recommend a larger piece which brings more visual texture and interest than in a smaller painting. You just need to maintain the alignment, and everything will be perfect within a few minutes.

Installing Lighting

Try to avoid installing only one type of lighting in a room when you wish to get something more efficient and bespoke. Instead of having overhead lighting only, you should try to have different types of lights all over the room. Have a corner lamp, a table lamp, floor lights as well as a zone-specific ceiling-mounted fixture to match your requirements. Calling out an expert to fix the lighting, and your problem will be solved within the shortest possible time.

Having Wrong Curtains

It is a common mistake that often homeowners make while decorating their rooms. They buy the wrong curtains for a room. If you have made a similar mistake, you can change them anytime you want. Shop some beautiful curtains available online and replace them with the existing ones. You can take the advice from top interior designers to get a clear idea about this.

Choosing the Rugs

This is another common area where homeowners often make mistakes They buy rugs or carpets which are not appropriate for their room’s interior design. If you have made such an unintentional mistake, ask your interior designer about a quick remedy. They will suggest the best style, size and design for your carpet or rug, which will add more aesthetics to your home.

Seating Arrangement

Instead of investing in a big sofa, you can buy stylish chairs or use a DIY ottoman stool or have a cute floor sofa to create a cosy seating place in your living room. These items are easy to buy online. You can also take advice from your interior designer regarding alternative seating ideas for your living room to enjoy more space.

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At Wells and Maguire, we deliver the best ideas and tips to our clients to fix their home decor mistakes. This is a high-end interior design studio specialising in creating bespoke interiors for private clients and developers.

4 Interior Designing Mistakes You Should Avoid

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Experienced and reliable interior designers in Weybridge always try to save you from making the most common mistakes of interior designing while working on your project. Whether you are decorating your home or office.

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Know what are they and how you can avoid them.

  1. Lighting

    Relying on only overhead lighting is one such mistake. Always have layered-lighting to create interesting features within your room.

  2. Big or Small Furniture

    Buying over or undersized furniture for a particular room is another big mistake often made by the homeowners. You should never go shopping for furniture without proper measurements. Buying a large wooden dining table for your small dining room because it looks gorgeous will make the area look crowded.

  3. Rugs

    Investing in a rug that is the wrong size is another significant mistake. If you buy something too big, it will swallow up your room. If you buy a smaller rug, it will not serve your purpose. Take the advice from your interior designer while buying rugs to obtain something perfect for your room.

  4. All-White Walls

    Though this is a modern trend of interior designing, you need to be highly careful about getting it done correctly. It is advisable not to bare your walls with absolute white. You should ask your interior designer to add some dimension to your white walls to avoid that extra minimalist look.

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Mistakes are common in the interior designing industry. Your interior designer will help you to avoid such major mistakes and make your interior look appealing, unique and inviting.

At Wells and Maguire, we offer high-end interior designs for both individual clients and developers.

What Makes an Interior Design Truly Desirable and Unique

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Whenever we hear the phrase “interior design” we imagine colourful linens, big sofas, beautiful wall paints and decorative showpieces. All these play a vital role in determining the look and feel of the interior of a room.

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But what actually it takes to design the interior of a house? What makes an interior design unique and impressive in true sense? Only the experienced interior designers in Cardiff can help you in this matter.

Interior designing is a perfect blending of aesthetics and functionality. With beautiful and decorative pieces, you must have practical design and layouts for the interior of your rooms. There are certain things that play a vital role in determining the interior design of a house.

· Colour Combination

Whether it is the paints on the walls or the colours of the sofa and the curtains or the shades of the carpets – the overall colour combination of a room has to be set in such a way that it creates a statement. You need to maintain the tone, shade and colour to create something attractive and exclusive. Know the current trends of colours used in the interior designing industry.

· Focal Point

Every room must have a focal point. It can be the fireplace, a carpet, a large vase or a large statement mirror. This is the thing that will make the room look different from the rest of the house. It gives the room a distinct and unique style. Choose this focal point carefully keeping the size and shape of the room in mind. You should also consider the type of room while deciding the focal point for the same.

· Lightings

For modern and stylish interiors, you can have a wide range of lights. In fact, modern interior designers always love to experiment with lighting when they need to create something exclusively for their clients. Apart from smart and sensible lighting, there are creative and decorative lightings available in the market which will give the room an exceptional look and feel as per your desire.

· Statement Furniture

Instead of investing in the traditional furniture sets, you can go for the statement pieces for your bedroom or living room. A statement chair or an antique bed can make the entire room look stunning. You can use old wooden furniture to get that aged and rustic look.

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To make things even easier for you, the expertise of the trained and experienced interior designers will be the right option. Hire them for their expert advice. They can help you to choose the best quality materials for your interior design.

Come and meet the experts of Wells and Maguire for some amazing interior design ideas. We offer high-end interiors for both individual owners and developers. Please get in touch with us for details.

Welcome Winter with these 3 Cool Interior Design Trends

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As winter is about to enter inside your home, why don’t you welcome it with a new interior design style? Nothing is constant in the world of interior design. The trend which seems perfect in the summer may seem irrelevant and uninteresting during winter. This is the reason; the top interior designing experts always come up with the latest ideas for different seasons to match the mood, requirements and lifestyle.

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When you talk to the top interior designer in Richmond about some great winter interior designing ideas, you can have something fascinating and unique for your house.

Changes You Can Make for Winter

Cosy Textile for the Bedroom

In winter, your body and mind will crave for something soft, warm, cosy and comfortable. Apart from having soft blankets, you can get some cosy textile all over the bedroom to welcome winter with style. Use woollen throws, flannel sheets, and cotton quilts to feel that extra warmth inside the bedroom. You can change the carpet and get the woollen one instead of those old items to get some warmth under your feet also. Have faux fur stools to add a cosy and comfortable sitting option in this room.

Wood Finishes for the Living Room

As the winter arrives, you should try to have your living room more and more wood finished to get that warmth and natural feeling. Have wooden floors to enjoy that warmth everywhere. For more cost-effective options, you can swap out that old oil painting on your wall with a reclaimed wood art piece. You can just have a simple wooden basket with cut fire logs to experience the feeling of living in a rustic cottage in those colder days.

Install Gorgeous Fireplaces

If your home does not have any, then this is the best time to have one. Call your interior designer in Richmond and take his suggestion about where and how to manage the space for a fireplace this winter. A warm glowing fireplace can be the focal point of the room. It can add a brilliant feature to your living room. On top of that, it will keep the interior warm and cosy too.

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At Wells and Maguire, we take special care of the individual needs of our clients. We understand the importance of living in a house which is not only beautifully designed but has a smart and practical interior decoration.

For all the information you want to have, kindly get in touch with us.

How Do You Define Luxury Interior Designing Ideas

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Luxury is a term which is hard to define. You realise when you see it! The word “luxury” is an overused term in the field of interior design. Most of the time, people refer to a certain interior design idea luxurious because they find it stylish and appealing.

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The fact is it depends upon the interior designers who have worked on that particular project and the owner of the property. Sometimes it is the overindulgence of something or the high sense of aesthetics that is considered as a luxury in the arena of interior design.

Then how can you identify if an interior really has a luxury design or not?

Key Elements of Luxury Interior Design

Classic Luxury Elements

The interior design style inspired by the classic Greek and Roman architecture is always known as a big example of a luxurious interior. With sculptures and large paintings inside the rooms and with tall pillars and grand ceilings, the interior will look like those ancient courtyards of Greek or Roman kingdoms. On top of that, a grand chandelier and large decorative mirrors will make the room look elegant and luxurious too.

Victorian Luxury Elements

Queen beds and grand sofa sets with high and decorative backrest along with the classic style of the curtain from the Victorian age – all these are necessary to create a Victorian-style luxury interior design theme. Along with this, you need a warm colour scheme and traditional lighting style to get that luxurious effect for your interior.

Modern Luxury Elements

Here come the modern luxury elements which can be seen in most of the modern homes in Cardiff and the surrounding areas. This style includes modern and high-end architectural styles along with expensive and exclusive objects that will give your house a classy appearance. From the lighting fittings to the carpets and from the curtains to the furniture – everything has to be perfect and gorgeous.

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Comfort and Style

When we are talking about having luxury interior design, we cannot forget about comfort. The style you need is a perfect blending of comfort and style. Whether it is a sofa or the king-size bed or the bathtub – every corner of the house should offer you the highest level of comfort in a stylish manner.

At Wells and Maguire, we deal with clients who have a keen interest in luxury interior design ideas. Our style is unique and quite intriguing, as well. To know more about our finest interior design ideas, please call us.

What Are Interior Designs Trending Currently?

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This year has turned everyone’s life upside down. It has not only impacted the social scenario but personal matters as well. With such a significant shift in lifestyle, your bond with your home must have changed as well. As a result of the pandemic, interior designs in South Wales portray a very different story.

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Here are some elements that are being adopted:

  • Calming natural elements: Anxiety and stress level spikes are expected during the extended periods of staying at home. To combat it, cool tones, plants, small waterfalls and other elements are being added. These help in calming you down and focusing on your health.
  • Workstation upgrades: Most people have decided to work from home owing to the pandemic. A separate home office is essential for doing well. Interior designers are being asked to design these spaces for maximum productivity. Bespoke desks, utility corners, special lighting and more are trending this year.
  • Special entertainment zones: You can’t work all day and not go out. With the risk being high outside, socialising can be done at home. People are transforming their homes into social spaces. A home bar addition, a backyard revamp or rooftop areas are being designed to entertain friends and family.

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A professional can help you in making your home better for the tough times. Experts like Wells and Maguire can control interior designs in South Wales. They will make sure to give you the best experience.

4 Qualities Of A Good Interior Designer In Cardiff

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The easiest way you can enhance the visual appeal and functionality of your room is by hiring an interior designer. They will ensure that your home interiors become a reflection of your personality. You can even hire them for commercial properties and create a brand image for your business. Since the quality of your life is dependent on the interior design, make sure that you hire the right professional for your project.
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Top 4 Qualities To Look For In An Interior Designer In Cardiff

  • Knowledge About Various Styles

When you hire an interior designer who is capable of embracing diverse styles, you can stay assured that they can transform your vision of beautiful interiors into a reality. They should understand your expectations from the project and accordingly choose the right style and technique. They should treat your room as a blank canvas and incorporate a unique design.
  • Use Colour And Lighting

Good interior design is one which offers the perfect blend of colour and lighting. They should consider the colour palette before choosing one for the final design. Two primary elements which create the atmosphere of a space are colour and lighting. Accent lighting also adds visual interest.
  • Embrace New Technology

Top interior designs have embraced new technology. They use it with architectural applications which help them communicate their ideas to their clients with more clarity. Advanced technology is widely used by interior designers nowadays to design 3D walkthroughs.
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These being said, it’s time you visit Wells and Maguire and hire an interior designer who has all the qualities stated above.