Easily Corrected Interior Design Mistakes

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While working on home decoration or home improvement, mistakes are quite common. People often buy an oversized sofa or hang the light too low. These mistakes are common with DIY projects.

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Hanging Wall Paintings

One of the most common interior design mistakes happens with wall hangings and pictures. People make mistakes by choosing oversized or undersized pictures for their rooms. Some homeowners choose more than one small painting to hang on a small wall to fill up that space. Our experts recommend a larger piece which brings more visual texture and interest than in a smaller painting. You just need to maintain the alignment, and everything will be perfect within a few minutes.

Installing Lighting

Try to avoid installing only one type of lighting in a room when you wish to get something more efficient and bespoke. Instead of having overhead lighting only, you should try to have different types of lights all over the room. Have a corner lamp, a table lamp, floor lights as well as a zone-specific ceiling-mounted fixture to match your requirements. Calling out an expert to fix the lighting, and your problem will be solved within the shortest possible time.

Having Wrong Curtains

It is a common mistake that often homeowners make while decorating their rooms. They buy the wrong curtains for a room. If you have made a similar mistake, you can change them anytime you want. Shop some beautiful curtains available online and replace them with the existing ones. You can take the advice from top interior designers to get a clear idea about this.

Choosing the Rugs

This is another common area where homeowners often make mistakes They buy rugs or carpets which are not appropriate for their room’s interior design. If you have made such an unintentional mistake, ask your interior designer about a quick remedy. They will suggest the best style, size and design for your carpet or rug, which will add more aesthetics to your home.

Seating Arrangement

Instead of investing in a big sofa, you can buy stylish chairs or use a DIY ottoman stool or have a cute floor sofa to create a cosy seating place in your living room. These items are easy to buy online. You can also take advice from your interior designer regarding alternative seating ideas for your living room to enjoy more space.

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At Wells and Maguire, we deliver the best ideas and tips to our clients to fix their home decor mistakes. This is a high-end interior design studio specialising in creating bespoke interiors for private clients and developers.

4 Interior Designing Mistakes You Should Avoid

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Experienced and reliable interior designers in Weybridge always try to save you from making the most common mistakes of interior designing while working on your project. Whether you are decorating your home or office.

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Know what are they and how you can avoid them.

  1. Lighting

    Relying on only overhead lighting is one such mistake. Always have layered-lighting to create interesting features within your room.

  2. Big or Small Furniture

    Buying over or undersized furniture for a particular room is another big mistake often made by the homeowners. You should never go shopping for furniture without proper measurements. Buying a large wooden dining table for your small dining room because it looks gorgeous will make the area look crowded.

  3. Rugs

    Investing in a rug that is the wrong size is another significant mistake. If you buy something too big, it will swallow up your room. If you buy a smaller rug, it will not serve your purpose. Take the advice from your interior designer while buying rugs to obtain something perfect for your room.

  4. All-White Walls

    Though this is a modern trend of interior designing, you need to be highly careful about getting it done correctly. It is advisable not to bare your walls with absolute white. You should ask your interior designer to add some dimension to your white walls to avoid that extra minimalist look.

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Mistakes are common in the interior designing industry. Your interior designer will help you to avoid such major mistakes and make your interior look appealing, unique and inviting.

At Wells and Maguire, we offer high-end interior designs for both individual clients and developers.