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Now, we are all used to the term ‘working from home’, this is because during the pandemic a lot of people were forced to stay home; unless they were key-workers or their job could only function with them at the workplace, the world got to grips with ‘working from home’. Now for some people, like the W&M team, this was normal (albeit a bit unusual having initial client meetings via zoom instead of face to face but hey ho!) but for some this was an entirely new experience and for many families who were juggling children’s home schooling plus working AND dealing with the stress of a global pandemic, it was bound to be tough!

Although we are crawling slowly out of the pandemic now, many workplaces are considering keeping staff working from home, this minimising the spread of covid but also cuts overheads and helps with mental health being in a safe environment. Being in surroundings that are comforting can help when working and it has been found that many people can get more work done at home rather than at the workplace without further distractions. For this to happen we know first-hand how hard it can be to concentrate sometimes so we have put together a few tips that we have used over the years since starting Wells and Maguire and certainly tips we have learnt over the past year dealing with mental health and creating a tranquil and holistic home working environment.

1. Most importantly, you need a desk/table/vanity unit/pile of books(?) anything that is elevated that you can use as your workspace. Although it may be hard but try to keep this little space as yours and keep it in an area that can be closed off or moved away from once you have finished working.

2. Facing your desk towards a door or window can open the space and not feel so claustrophobic. Having natural light pouring through will make you more motivated to work rather than sitting facing a blank wall.

3. Keeping inspirational pieces close by is important to keep your creative juices flowing. This could include books, imagery, photos, and plants.
4. Stay well-nourished and ensure you always have water close by to keep hydrated and keep your mind working.
5. Soft seating; alternate your work area from your desk to a comfortable armchair if you have the space. Use a floor lamp to create additional lighting for reading and a small side table for your books, phone, notepad.

6. Layered lighting; keep lighting soft and a warm white tone. Avoid neon or fluorescent lighting in your work area. Layer the lighting with a desk lamp, over head lighting and even a floor lamp.

7. Organise your desk/working area with things that make you happy and try to keep clutter to a minimum. According to recent research, Feng Shui is a great way to bring peace and success to your working environment. We have found a few a few great ways to Feng Shui your desk, see below:

  • Make sure you have a clear view of the door for people entering and leaving
  • Plants and crystals can signify Wealth and Prosperity
  • Lighting and candles represent Fame and Reputation
  • Vases and decorative items symbolise Love and Relationships
  • Photographs of loved ones show Family and Health
  • Books and diaries next to your workspace symbolise Knowledge and Education
  • Your laptop or computer in the centre of the desk will promote your career
  • Other technical items such as mobile phones and tablets symbolise helpful people in your life
  • Pens, pots, and brightly coloured items can promote creativity
  • Using a wooden desk can represent wealth and financial growth
  • Hanging a picture behind you can also help with the feng shui of your work space

Image: Pinterest – Feng Shui your desk for success

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